I Love Glenn Beck!

No, I’m not attracted to Glenn Beck and I’m not coming out of the closet or anything with this one (although he is quite a charming man, congratulations Tanya!).

No, this is in response to a statement that Stu had made on Glenn Beck’s show the other day, in which Stu mentioned that he had done a Google (Internet search) for the phrase “I love Glenn Beck”, and found the results to not be to overwhelming (I’m sure they’re out there though, I’m not the only one!) It’s somewhat of a running joke, as Glenn Beck, due to his conservative viewpoints, as well as some other viewpoints and with his great desire to speak these viewpoints, makes him not always the most popular, well liked guy in talk radio/media(and he is well aware of that!).

So Glenn, if you are listening, this is for you. I love you man! Like I brother I do. Really, I do. This is my support. So if this site ever finds it’s way to the Google giant and some how high enough for you to catch a glimpse of, I’ll be here. I love you you old son of a gun! Come here and get a hug Big Poppa! God bless ya!


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