Glenn Beck Interviews Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg of Joshua Fund
Last Night Glenn Beck had the honors of interviewing for a full hour, author Joel Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg has quite an interesting ministry, in that rather than speaking on what he believes will happen concerning Biblical Prophecy (End of the World Stuff), he has written many novels (fiction) in which he has painted end-times stories and events that according to him “could possibly happen this way” according to Bible Prophecy.

What people have found is that Joel has been incredibly accurate on predicting events before they have happened, the terrorist attack of 9/11 being one of them, and has gained somewhat of a popularity as being somewhat of a “prophetic” (although he claims that he just calls it as he sees it). His latest book is called Dead Heat and should be available soon. Dead Heat (Political Thrillers Series #5)

A little bit on Joel’s background. In his interview with Glenn, Joel told Glenn how he was a political advisor for many years, especially in Israel (he is a converted Orthodox Jew) before turning to Biblical Prophecy, which was his main passion for many years. He now runs a ministry called the Joshua Fund which is Christians aimed at blessing Israel.

So Joel talked with Glenn for quite awhile last night, and I was introduced to many new prophecies (beyond the basic one’s outlined by many Christians). Although I wasn’t expecting anything I hadn’t heard before (things such as the Rapture, the Return of Christ, etc.) I thought Joel was very good at tying in current events (especially in the political realm, probably because of his past experience) with Old and New Testament Scripture. One of these was Gog and Magog, which I have heard before, but he was very fervent on watching the animosity that might rise against Israel from Russia and Vladamir Putin, this represents Gog. The Roman empire is to rise again too according to Scripture, and he was also on top of that, reporting some recent activity concerning Rome that would put them into the correct position to follow through with this prophecy.

What I thought was of notable interest was his reference and predictions concerning the nation of Iraq. According to him, this modern day Babylon from Old Testament times is reported to rise to great power and to be the seat of power for the coming anti-Christ. This is interesting concerning the present day state of Iraq (if this is the area properly called so by the Biblical Prophecies) as great prosperity would come to it and it would rise to a world wide import/export nationJoel Rosenberg Dead Heat Novel

According to Rosenberg, and from what I’ve heard from others, America is not to be found in these prophetic writings despite it’s vast size and wealth currently. Does that mean an eventual destruction before the great Tribulation period (time of Jacob’s trouble)? Only time will tell I suppose.

Overall I was impressed with Rosenberg’s insight and understanding, especially in areas in which others have fallen short in the past. It’s my belief that the Book of Revelation and other Prophetic scriptures such as the book of Daniel, shall not truly be understood until we approach that time (end times, the times being written about). God tells Daniel after all the visions he receives to “seal up the book until the end of time” (Dan. 12:4) and if Revelation is truly a prophetic/future book, the same would apply to it too.

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  1. Tim says:

    I enjoyed watching this interview also. I was really impressed that Joel has had many opportunities to visit with US leaders, Jewish leaders, etc. and expain to them the Bible prophecies regarding the end times. He did a good job of explaining today’s events in the light of prophecy without setting any time tables for events to happen. Only God knows when Jesus will return for the rapture of the believers which begins the Great Tribulation. I learned a lot from this interview about Iran’s religious beliefs. Very interesting stuff!

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