Ben Stein Lays it All Out

O.k. the Ben Stein interview on Glenn Beck was excellent, nonetheless! If you’ve never seen him before in a true one on one, Ben is an extremly funny man, (and an exremely intelligent and knowledgable one to boot). Put him in a room with Glenn Beck, and you have some true entertainment!

Ben basically just talked about his new movie (which was good by the way, see my review from earlier). Ben also layed out his thoughts on the Global crisis and America’s role in current events today. He also discussed his six (count it six!) cats that he owns. I’m with you Beck, that’s one too many for me!

Overall it was a very great interview from a very intelligent man, I give it an A+!

My Review on Ben Stein’s Expelled Movie


One Response to Ben Stein Lays it All Out

  1. lance says:

    I’ve seen it.

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