Stock Market Up Over 900 Points!

A new single day record has been set today, with over a billion shares being traded and bought today on Wall Street.  The surpassed the previous record seen in the year 2000, after the dot com boom.  Note, if you are an investors, buying and selling today, you probably favored pretty well.  The official number was 936 points, or an 11.1 % gain.  Wall Street must be might happy 🙂  GM was the biggest winner at an over 33% gain, and only one of the 29 components failed to gain, which was General Electric (loss of 2%). Also, this did not break the one day percentage record, which was set in 1933, with a 15% one day increase, but has broken an overall points record for one day.

Note: This comes after a government promise to help out with some of the current financial sectors, namely the banking market.  This ends a pretty hefty losing streak in which the dow had seen it’s worst week, and second worst day in history.  We’ll see what happens.  God bless.  Link

Double Note: The Stock Market is still down 29% for the year.


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