Stock Market Below 9,000 Mark – 10/15

Stock Market has fallen below 9,000 mark after fears of recession.  Obviously, the bailout plan and bank stock buying was not enough to ease investors fears.  The Dow is down about 380 points today as of 12:00 EST.  Will keep you updated.  Link


5 Responses to Stock Market Below 9,000 Mark – 10/15

  1. The fears do not reflect reality, the fear is worst of emotions, it clouds vision. The clouded can not see reality , it only see the wordt possible scene and may to prepare the self for the possible disaster. Now being prepared for the disaster is one thing but getting numbness is another. Fear induces the second while caution only is called for.

  2. lpe04 says:

    I don’t have fear on the stock market, but I do look at things realistically. Yes, fear may be a reason for a collapse, 1929 stock market crash for example, but maybe there is a basis for this fear? As a Christian, I trust in God, but I also look try to look realistically at what is going on. We’ll see! God bless.

  3. fnunez says:

    I think it is still ok to invest. But in order to do that you need to do research on the companies you are going to invest in instead of picking stocks that are on an all time high.

  4. lpe04 says:

    Well, the purpose of the stock market was that an individual was able to invest their money in a company that they believed would be successful, that is, they would increase/grow. It was an investment, it was a solid way to own shares in a company.

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