Joe Biden Claims International Crisis

I may have to file this one under Prophecy. Joe Biden, vice Presidential candidate to Barack Obama, with an eerie statement Saturday, is claiming that if Barack Obama is elected, that Obama will be “tested” within the first six months of the presidency with an international crisis, much like John F. Kennedy. He has said that he can think of five or six different scenarios, listing both the Middle East and Russia. He also says that Obama will make unpopular choices and will need his supporters to back him, not financially, but by moral support, even if they don’t initially agree with him. hmmmm

Just as I have said in the past, Obama is another Kennedy in the making, a young not very experienced man with much charisma (although I don’t want to compare Kennedy to Obama, I would rather take Kennedy as president any day over Obama). Kennedy was not fit to beat Nixon, yet the media rocket launched his campaign.

Furthermore, the FBI is now briefing both campaigns two weeks out from the election, never seen before in any election. Could it be that the tide waters are rising so high, and Biden knows this now? Does he understand the international crisis that we are truly going through? Sounds like he does. God bless.

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One Response to Joe Biden Claims International Crisis

  1. beardlord says:

    The Great Presidential Hot Air Balloon Race. Obama V’s McCain

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    Also if you zoom in you can see Sarah Palin clinging onto the McCain balloon 😉

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