Glenn Beck Off CNN

Glenn Beck will be off CNN for good now. You can find him again on Fox News starting after the 2008 year. He will also appear on O’Reilly Nov. 11. He will be missed.

Take a look at Glenn Beck’s newest book The Christmas Sweater.


3 Responses to Glenn Beck Off CNN

  1. dave godfrey says:

    I would like to know what happened, and why is Glen Beck off cnn. Who’s toes did he step on?

  2. lpe04 says:

    He didn’t step on anyone’s toes. He just signed with Fox News, so he’s off CNN until then. That’s just the custom, so it’s all good, no hard feelings 🙂 Lance

  3. Special Ed V says:

    Glenn Beck gave up a PRIME TIME featured news program to be a fill in guy at Fox News?


    Fox News is the last stop for all right wing nutjobs on their way out. I’m shocked that they never gave Rush a job.

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