The Second Amendment – What it means to us as Americans

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, is one that is in danger of being lost. We are seeing all kinds of bills being voted on in Congress, to basically limit these rights. This is scary considering that it is infringing upon our constitutional rights and the freedoms we are given as Americans.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives man the right to bear arms (that is to be armed). The purpose of this Amendment was to give power back to the people in the instance of a dictator tyrant, (that is the people would be able to form a militia, being armed). The reason the Founding Fathers, the ones who wrote the Constitution put this in the Constitution as an amendment, was because they understood the dangers of the Government having to much power, and the people not being able to take that back. Our Founding Fathers were rebels themselves, breaking free of the tyrannical rule of the British Government at the time, from King George III. This is where we get the American Revolution.

But these men also understood that there may come a time, when we too needed to raise a militia, if say the government were to become to big, as was never intended by the Constitution, which was created with many principles to limit government.


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