Testing Out Twitter (Finally) and SEO Results

So I have finally broken down and gotten a Twitter account, not for my personal use but more for my Country Music Blog, which will give followers a chance to see updates to the site from their Twitter accounts, (which I figured would be convenient for them to do so).

I’ve written an article (short) on how Twitter will be using a new search feature at New Twitter Search. And I will attempt to keep my viewers updated, as well as track my progress on Twitter and the Social giant, and possibly document the things which I discover in the process. Wish me luck. Oh by the way, if anyone cares the link is http://twitter.com/Country_videos. I shall endeavor on this new Twitter journey hopefully picking up some useful tips along the way!



One Response to Testing Out Twitter (Finally) and SEO Results

  1. Changa says:

    Hello Lance,

    Changa here, just wanted to leave you with some helpful Twitter tools. Let me know if they help!
    1). Twitter pdf: http://www.changagorham.com/twitter.pdf
    2). Use these to help with getting followers..Twollo,TwitterGetter,ViralFollower…
    3). Tweetlater can help you automate your tweets and direct messages.
    4). You might want to try this, take a look and let me know, but it has increased my followers and made some money as well with Twitter..Twitter Traffic Machine- http://tinyurl.com/q3tf7x

    Hope this can help,

    Changa G

    P.S. Follow me on Twitter at changa74

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