Kansas Delays Tax Refunds

February 17, 2009

On the brink of economic crisis, the state of Kansas joins the ranks of California in delay tax refunds to its citizens. Link

Wall Street Up Big – 889 Points Big: 10/29

October 28, 2008

The second highest point gain in history today after expectations of an interest rate cut coming tomorrow.  The Dow finished 889 points off to finish what was a very late rally, after hovering at about 150-200 point gain for most of the day.  Read More

Kerry Calls for Another New Deal

October 25, 2008

Sen. John Kerry is calling for another “New Deal”, the same one that kept us in a depression for over ten years. He is also against sending out checks (Republican tax break), isn’t that what the Democrats are all about? But if it’s from the Bush administration, I guess they feel they must reject it. Link

Stocks Take a Plunge – 312 Points 10/24

October 24, 2008

Stocks are down on Wall Street after a world wide stock drop. Gold prices are down also. Link

More Worries Hit Wall Street After a 500 Point Skid

October 23, 2008

Stocks dropped over 500 points in the Dow yesterday down more than four percent amongst economic woes. AP Link

Yahoo Third Quarter Profits Down 64%!

October 22, 2008

Yahoo plans to fire some 1500 employees after an unexpected 64% drop in profits for the third quarter.  Stock has dropped more than 40% over last couple of months.  Google stocks continue to rise though.  Link

Oil Prices Back Up?

October 21, 2008

Russia, Venezuela, and Iran (the Axis of Power), can no longer meet their internal budgets. There are also talks to form an OPEC style cartel. Oil prices to go back up?
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