Adsense Tanking? Is There a Future?

May 10, 2009

If you have noticed your Adsense earnings decreasing this last month or so, you may not be alone. As a matter of fact I’ve been able to find many threads across the net, particularly at Webmasterworld on the decline in earnings many are beginning to see, and in some cases dramatic decreases (80% or more).

Google hasn’t released anything officially yet, but many are reporting CTR (click thru rates) decreasing dramatically as well as earnings and also many PSA ads being shown where normal ads originally were. So will this trend end or continue after bottoming out?

Here are a few if you were concerned with your Adsense earnings:
Stats Beyond FUBAR’d? May 9th
adsense stats stuck again? May 4, 2009
40 sites embedded with AdSense and only 93 cents today