3,000 Christians Flee Town in Iraq

October 12, 2008

Christians subject to persecution, abductions and ransoms in the northern town of Mosul in Iraq have fled to nearby cities. Mosul police have so far found bullet ridden bodies of Christians and three abandoned homes of Christian families have been blown up. The Governor of the Northern Province Duraid Mohammed Kashmoula says he believes that Al Queda is to blame for the attacks. More

Evangelist Billy Graham in the Hospital

October 11, 2008

Christian Evangelist Billy Graham is in the hospital today after suffering minor injuries tripping over his dog in his North Carolina home October 11. He should be released today, thankfully no major injuries.

Ben Stein’s Expelled The Movie

April 24, 2008

Expelled the Movie Poster
Last night I had the honor of finally seeing the new Ben Stein movie, Expelled. I thought it was great and something I had really been hoping to see (after seeing all the great trailers and previews). I think it really revealed a lot of the injustices being done, not just in the academic world, but all throughout society. It was interesting to note that most people when challenged on the ideas of Darwinism (which Ben Stein made very valid points and raised very real questions) not only stumbled, but litteraly became enraged and almost violent.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of the Darwin theories were adopted and promoted by Nazi Germany (something I had no knowledge of before). Basically, it was promoting, or pushing, natural selection, which I perceived as a means of “playing God”.

But anyways, I thought it was well thought out and nicely done. I give credit and love to Ben Stein for the effort he has put forth, despite the fact of knowing that persecution would almost inevitably come. But like he says, somebody must be a voice, “will anybody speak out against this?”.

Glenn Beck interviewing Ben Stein
– Very good interview, very funny and moving especially at the end!

Jesus, You Are My Hero

August 13, 2007

Picture of Jesus

Altough Will Ferrel is very funny, he can’t compare to my true Hero. Jesus, I give you much love and respect. Thanks!