New Glenn Beck Blog

May 29, 2009

Check out the new Glenn Beck Blog over at Glenn Beck Blog. Also pick up the feed at Glenn Beck Feed God bless and enjoy!


Tito the Builder Stands for America

October 31, 2008

From Joe the Plumber, to Tito the Builder, average joes are standing for America.  It’s no wonder that most Latinos that have experienced socialism (Cuba, Venezuela) or know family members that have are speaking out against Obama.  You heard it from their mouth, not mine.  Check out the video.

Tito the Builder. Tito also calls into question the media, which was given freedom of press in order to protect the rights and the freedom (serve) the people, and not the other way around. Good watch! God bless.

Susan Eisenhower, Going Liberal?

October 23, 2008

This was quite odd. A recent interview with the great grand daughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower, had her siding on the Obama party (no longer just the Liberal party :). She even went far enough to call the Obama tax raises to be in line with Regan! Are more Republicans switching over, such as with Colin Powell, (who had more reasons than one) and making the transition? Were they true conservatives to even begin with, to make a switch like that? Is it party frustration?

Rush Limbaugh Speaks Out Against Powell

October 19, 2008

Rush Limbaugh speaks out against Colin Powell new endorsement of Senator Barak Obama. Rush asked, “Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?“. Good question. If Obama were white, would he get the same recognition? Seems unlikely. This seems to have become more of a somewhat race war in many areas. Link