Barack Obama, Standing for 2nd Amendment Rights?

October 23, 2008

I just saw a recent ad in which Barack Obama is standing around some hunters and claiming that he stands for 2nd Amendment rights. This struck a nerve with me because as you can see from his past voting record, Barack Obama has never stood for 2nd Amendment rights, he has actually done the opposite! (This is one reason why the NRA, the National Rifle Association, has lobbied so heavily against Barack Obama, cause they know his true views).

In 1996, Barack Obama voted on a bill to ban production and possession of handguns. He has also voted to ban rifle ammunition that is common in hunting. Not only that, he was one of the leaders who worked to get handguns banned in Chicago. The list goes on and on.

History shows that banning guns has never improved crime rates, and has at times increased the crime rates in areas that have these bans, putting guns in the hands of criminals and black markets, and taking them out of the hands of law abiding citizens, who are actually following the law of the gun ban!

Think about it before you believe what Barack Obama says about his stance on the second amendment and our rights. Look at his voting record and see for yourself where he stands. God bless.