New Glenn Beck Blog

May 29, 2009

Check out the new Glenn Beck Blog over at Glenn Beck Blog. Also pick up the feed at Glenn Beck Feed God bless and enjoy!

Finding DoFollow Blogs – A List

May 16, 2009

Matthew has made at post over at on a free list of dofollow blogs.

What is a Dofollow Blog?

Well, a “dofollow” blog or site is a slang word for a website that does not have rel=”nofollow” in it’s comment section, and thus gives you credit for in backlinks that are placed in the comments section. There is a great list to check out over there, or feel free to leave your “dofollow” blog in the comments section.

I have been wondering if there is a way to turn this blog, a free hosted blog into a “dofollow”?

Get $40 If You Own Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

May 16, 2009

A post was made over at Fatwallet to get a $40 rebate if you owned a Microsoft Fingerprint Optical Reader. Check it out, looks pretty interesting!

Free Domain Name!

May 15, 2009

Grab a free domain name over at There are also many websites that will give a free subdomain name such as but you will have to use their hosting (for the subdomain). Hope this helps!

Adsense Tanking? Is There a Future?

May 10, 2009

If you have noticed your Adsense earnings decreasing this last month or so, you may not be alone. As a matter of fact I’ve been able to find many threads across the net, particularly at Webmasterworld on the decline in earnings many are beginning to see, and in some cases dramatic decreases (80% or more).

Google hasn’t released anything officially yet, but many are reporting CTR (click thru rates) decreasing dramatically as well as earnings and also many PSA ads being shown where normal ads originally were. So will this trend end or continue after bottoming out?

Here are a few if you were concerned with your Adsense earnings:
Stats Beyond FUBAR’d? May 9th
adsense stats stuck again? May 4, 2009
40 sites embedded with AdSense and only 93 cents today

Testing Out Twitter (Finally) and SEO Results

May 10, 2009

So I have finally broken down and gotten a Twitter account, not for my personal use but more for my Country Music Blog, which will give followers a chance to see updates to the site from their Twitter accounts, (which I figured would be convenient for them to do so).

I’ve written an article (short) on how Twitter will be using a new search feature at New Twitter Search. And I will attempt to keep my viewers updated, as well as track my progress on Twitter and the Social giant, and possibly document the things which I discover in the process. Wish me luck. Oh by the way, if anyone cares the link is I shall endeavor on this new Twitter journey hopefully picking up some useful tips along the way!


Twitter Search Making Changes

May 10, 2009

Twitter search has announced that it will begin indexing tweets links and optimizing results on not only a chronological time frame, but also based on their own “reputation” ranking (probably somewhat similar to Google’s popular Pagerank technology), probably ranking those with higher numbers of followers along with other factors higher up in certain rankings and results.

Twitter Search to dive deeper, rank results | Webware – CNET

What will this mean for the popular social engine platform? Only time will tell, but maybe an even greater follower, (or abandonment), based on how current members and future members react to the new changes from the social media giant.

What do you think?

Relevant Link: Twitter Search To Get Reputation Ranking and Link Crawling

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